Elias Gatos, M.D.
Surgeon Gynecologist – Obstetrician
Scientific Director emBIO Assisted Reproduction Unit


Despite the variety of information on infertility currently available, couples have a large number of questions on treatments. Our updated webpage provides information to answer your questions. Dr. Elias Gatos has one of the highest successful pregnancy rates internationally and applies all new techniques to make your wishes and dreams come true.

We encourage husbands to attend meetings and take part in decisions, as well as attend treatments. The support between the couple is highly significant both during tests and throughout the entire process since it reduces stress and results in successful outcomes. Take the time required to gather valuable information to help you make the right decisions for your treatment. Also, ask us about IVF and Elias Gatos will promptly answer to all your concerns. We believe our website will guide you to the next step to treat infertility given that this is a major investment for a couple. We at emBIO assisted reproduction unit make sure this experience is as easy and painless as possible and work with a view to providing you optimal care. In some cases, infertility treatments do not provide the desired outcome, but most couples understand that the experience and attempt was worthwhile in retrospect.

Start the process today by reviewing the information provided at our webpage and ask your questions. The next step is to call us at +(30)210 3816741 (9:00 – 21:00) or send an e-mail (gatos@embio.com.gr) for your personal session with Dr. Elias Gatos. Proper cooperation will result in the achievement of our common objective, which is no other than a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby… for dreams do come true!

Female factor

About 1/3 of cases is infertility due to woman. Most common causes are: hormonal disorders (polycystic

Key evidence

When should a couple seek help from an expert? An infertility issue is likely to be

Male factor

Another 1/3 of cases is infertility due to man. Factors altering sperm parameters Low count/below 20

Tests and Diagnosis

Reasons for infertility Increased infertility is a major concern occurring in recent years, which affects 15%

Unexplained infertility

Unexplained infertility affects approximately 5-10% of modern couples. These couples show an inability to conceive although


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