Elias Gatos, M.D.
Surgeon Gynecologist – Obstetrician
Scientific Director emBIO Assisted Reproduction Unit

New IVF techniques

New developments and techniques in assisted reproduction in recent decades give an even higher childbearing potential to infertile couples. The impressive progress of medicine and biology in assisted reproduction combined with the application of modern methods and techniques provide solutions to infertility issues unresolved so far.

At emBIO assisted reproduction unit, all required gynaecological tests are performed and all modern methods and techniques are applied with a view to proper diagnosis and timely treatment of problems likely to be faced by the couple and preventing it from normally having a child.

Depending on each case, new IVF techniques significantly increase the chances of infertile couples to have a healthy child.

HLA typing

What it is HLA is a new technology enabling us to make


Karyomapping (cell nucleus mapping) is the genetic analysis of a cell coming


Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis/Screening (PGD/PGS) In assisted reproduction techniques, such as in vitro


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