Elias Gatos, M.D.
Surgeon Gynecologist – Obstetrician
Scientific Director emBIO Assisted Reproduction Unit

Offers 2023

Special In Vitro Fertilization Benefits

With a sense of social responsibility and in the context of the emergencies we face, the assisted reproduction and gynecology unit emBIO medical center offers for as long as the pandemic Coronavirus (Covid-19) new special benefits in in vitro fertilization programs, encouraging and supporting couples in wishing to become parents.
You can do the following during this time:

Contact Dr. Elias Gatos and his team
Ask us and find out what concerns you
Contact Dr. Elias Gatos and his team online (teleconference, chat) or in person at emBIO (if required)
Book now the program that is right for you and secure our new special benefits (regardless of when you start the program).

Our goal is to enable all women who want to become mothers. In addition to the special benefits for IVF programs that reach up to 50%, it is also possible to visit emBIO for the first time to join an IVF program free of charge. Also due to the emergency conditions due to COVID-19 is provided the possibility of remote communication with Dr. Elias Gato and his team with modern methods of digital communication (teleconference, chat etc). At emBIO we are always by your side

Find out about the New Special Benefits – ASK US: 211 7300220

Natural Cycle & Mini-IVF Microfertilization (ICSI)
Preimplantation diagnosis (PGD / PGS) Freezing of eggs & embryos Loan egg program
New extracorporeal techniques



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